Why You Should Consider a Metal Garage

Metal garages are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to invest in their homes. Not only do they last longer than other garage options, but they also come with many advantages that other types of garages don’t have. Suppose you’re considering getting a new garage or just want more information on metal garages. In that case, this blog post is perfect for you!

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Metal Garage

Metal Garages Are Quite Long-Lasting

Metal is the way to go if you want a garage that will last years and survive time. Metal garages don’t decay, rot, or corrode like other materials, making them ideal for homeowners who want a long-lasting garage.

Metal Garages Are Fire-Safe

Metal garages are a fantastic option for homeowners who reside in areas at risk of fires. Metal garages can survive high temperatures without catching fire, unlike other materials.

Metal Garages Are Pest-Free

Termites, carpenter ants, and vermin may quickly munch through wooden garages. Still, they are very difficult to get rid of in metal ones. If you’re concerned about pests damaging your garage, a metal garage is an excellent option.

Metal Garages Are More Energy-Efficient Than Other Types of Garages

Metal garages are more energy-efficient than other types of garages. They keep the heat in the winter and the cold out in the summer, allowing you to save money on your utility bills.

These are just 4 reasons to consider a metal garage. There are many other good things about metal garages, such as being affordable and easy to maintain.

Metal Garages, Steel Buildings

Stylish and durable metal garages are perfect for homes, farms, and businesses. They’re cheaper than traditional garages and also better in bad weather. Not only is this product very strong (with a wind and snow rating) and less expensive, but it’s also a cost-effective solution for your valuable items. This steel building was created by combining metal garage manufacturers across ten states in the US. All of these facilities have installation teams who will install the building quickly.

The metal garages are built of high-quality galvanized steel tubes. The structural steel is a thick commercial gauge, so it will never rust or corrode. This garage can withstand any weather and comes with a 20-year frame and 10-year roofing material guarantee.

All About Metal Garage Buildings

Metal garages are enclosed structures made of steel that protect your cars. In addition, a custom metal garage will allow you to park your car in an easy-to-access location. Custom metal garages are made from steel and can be used outside cold environments.

These custom metal garage buildings are the perfect protection for your car. You can make it how you want and select different roof styles and colors. It could be used for storage, garages, workshops, offices, or man rooms.

Prefab Metal Garage Options

Several types of metal garages are available for you to buy. We can make them custom and perfect for your needs. They will come in many shapes and colors, but we will help you get the best one for your garage. It’s also available in steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting.

Is It Possible To Customize the Width and Length of a Metal Garage?

Tell how wide you want your 17-foot garage to be, 12 or 18 feet long. If you wish to this size, it would cost $18 ft. This rule mainly applies to length, too – a model with a length of 24ft and a model with a length of 26 feet will not be sufficient. When estimating how long you need to get, consider 26 feet in length and 6 feet of overhang.

What Is a Certified Metal Garage?

To get a certified package, you need to be in a local area and have your plans approved by the construction department. The cost of the bundle will be determined by the number of packages required. If you want a steel garage or storage facility, they can anchor it to sand or gravel.

Do Steel Garages Come in Larger and Longer Sizes?

The long walls of the garages are 36 feet wide and 36 feet high. We also offer 40-foot wide models with lengths from 34 to 40 feet. The slope is 36 ft., 42 ft., 44 ft., 46 ft, or 48 ft long by 42 feet wide. The garage is 10 meters wide on all sides, and the length starts at 21 feet and gets longer in 5-foot increments from 25 to 30 feet.

What if I Want To Choose My Carport or Steel Garage Myself and Install It

Steel garage building kits can be purchased in a kit. You may take them home and build your own carport. If you build your garage yourself, there is no workmanship guarantee for 1 year from the date you purchase it. Interestingly, you’ll always have the option to purchase an American steel carport to save yourself from the hassle of designing your own.

3 Different Roof Styles Available in Metal Garages

Metal garages can be purchased in different shapes and sizes so you can make your garage look the way you want. There are many to choose from. Our steel roofs come in three styles: standard, vertical barn, and box-eave (A-frame). The vertical roof style is popular because it helps reduce snow that might accumulate on the roof’s edge.

Are Our Metal Garages Worth It?

Metal garage kits are a great idea if you want a good design that is durable and lasts a long time. They have a nice look to them. Pre-fabricated steel garages may not be as good because they’re not as durable. Still, metal garage kits are worth the money.

How Much Does a Metal Garage Cost?

A 12×20 garage with an 8×8 door, glass door, and double window will cost $5,210. This is a good size for people looking for only one car to park in their garage.

How Long After I Order a Steel Garage Will It Be Delivered?

Building material is usually shipped in 4-8 weeks, but it might take longer if the order is very complicated. There are also things like weather that can make it take longer.

How Long Will It Take for My Metal Garage To Be Installed?

Installers can finish most larger steel garages in half a day. They also make steel structure carports with the steel we offer. Larger buildings like these should take two weeks to complete and install.

How Long Do Metal Garages Last?

The best steel garage kits will last 30 years or more. Sheet metal buildings can take about 20-30 years, depending on the location.

Tell Me the Metal Garage Warranty?

Almost all metal garages come with a one-year warranty for service and a 20-year warranty against sagging.

Steel Garage As Problem Solver

Metal garage doors have many uses. You can use them to protect your car from being stolen. They are cheaper and more convenient than having many small buildings. The metal garage is suitable for storing all kinds of sports equipment, so you can store them without damaging them.

Roof Types of Steel Garage

The type of roof you can put on a garage is important. A regular roof is the most convenient and cheapest choice. It looks good, too. If your home has a unique shape, metal garages also fit these shapes and have ridges going across the top of the roof.

Features of Metal Garage

The steel structures you get will depend on how you want to use them. They are best for people who need a lot of space. One of the most essential features in keeping your things safe from outside weather. The metal garages at the front entrance are pretty popular right now because they look nice and give us space to store our things inside. You should think about what size garage you need and what you want before buying a metal garage.

Why Viking Steel Structures Metal Garage is the Best Choice

When buying a metal garage, make sure it is high quality and well made. You will also want the lowest possible price, and you can get that from Viking Steel Structure.

Our Metal Garage Types

We will never let you worry about shopping. This is a list of garage types we offer, but we can also modify these for your convenience.

3-Car Garage

You will have enough parking for 3 cars in our 3-car garages. You can also make a metal garage into an insulated garage that you can close off. This is good for when you want to park your car and store things on the other side of the garage.

Residential Garage

Garage homes are designed for durability and to look good. They can be used to store things, like cars. You can also have two or three garages in your house to store cars, depending on what you want.

Garage for One Car

A garage helps protect a person’s car from the rain. It is cheaper to build because it can be any type of roof. Some people use it for storage, and others use it as a playroom for their children.

Advanced Improvements

We have insulation that can keep the temperature in your house just right. Different frame-outs fit most door frames. We want to give people updates about our metal garage technology.

Side Entrance Garage

Steel garages have sliding doors on each side. They are very versatile and have space for lots of things. If your garage is in the road or near a fence, this is the best one to get.

2-Car Metal Garage

Two-car garages have widths that are about 24 feet to 30 feet. However, you must ensure that the garage is large enough to accommodate two automobiles or one car plus some garden tools.

Metal Garage Building Types

One advantage of using an aluminum garage door is that there are many materials.

One Car, Two Car & Three Car Metal Garages

We can provide all sizes and types of metal garage doors. These help you with storing things and giving your car more secure. Steel garages are easy to install in homes, commercial buildings, and farms. We will provide steel garages based on the requirements for each project, so they meet your needs. A one-car steel garage is suitable for one-car families because it has small dimensions but still has room enough for a car and movement. There are other options if you have more than one car too.

Side Entry Metal Garages

Steel garage sides are helpful. They are convenient because they do not need to open the main door. And metal garages are suitable for heat because they prevent heat from leaving an ample open space when you open the main door.

Learn more about metal garages by clicking on this link.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Garages

Is It Cheaper To Buy a Metal Garage or Build One?

The most significant money advantage of a steel construction technique is that it is easier to construct than a wood structure. Steel is heavier and simpler to transport, as opposed to wood.

How Much Does a 30×40 Metal Building Cost?

The standard metal frame for a building is 30 feet by 40 feet. It costs about $1,000, but the price might go up depending on how tall you want it.

Our Metal Garages Worth It?

Metal garages have several benefits. These are durable, resistant to moisture, fires, and insects, easy to set up, and more affordable. Insurers are also aware of these advantages and offer metal garage insurance lower than wooden garages.

Our Metal Garages Any Good?

Metal garages are good because it is strong and can protect against pests. Many insurance companies like this as an advantage and cover a metal garage for less.

Is It Cheaper To Build a Metal Garage?

A metal garage is less expensive to build than a wooden one. A two-car metal garage costs about $14,200. A one-car metal garage costs $7,500, and a three-car metal garage costs $20,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Steel 2 Car Garage?

A two-car metal garage ranges in price from $9600 to $28,200.

How Long Do Metal Garages Last?

Steel is a strong material that will last for a long time. It is resistant to rot and fire. Most garages have 20 – 30 years, but pre-fabricated steel garages are quicker to build.

Is a Metal Carport Cheaper Than Wood?

A metal frame carport is cheaper than a wood carport. The cost of a metal carport is less because you don’t lose as many materials. It starts with the fact that you do not waste as much wood and sawdust-like when using wood for a carport.

What Is the Cheapest Material To Build a Garage Out Of?

Blocks are by far the most cost-effective option for a custom-built garage. A block garage will appear to be the same as a brick-built garage, but it will cost you less than half as much.

Do Metal Garages Rust?

Moisture can be a big problem for steel buildings. It corrodes once metal comes into contact with moisture (or condensation). This can make the metal buildings weaker.

Is a Steel Shop Cheaper Than Wood?

Steel garages are less expensive than wooden garages in materials and labor. Because most steel garages are pre-fabricated, they tend to be less costly than wood garages. You’ll save a lot on construction expenses. Most steel homes will last 20 to 30 years or more. Building time is reduced – Steel garage prefabrication requires less effort.

How Much Does a Steel Garage Cost?

A straight wall metal garage that is 30 x 40 ft has an average cost of $9 per square foot. The cost includes the roof and delivery. A 25 x 39 x 15 ft. metal carport kit costs $5K and $6K.