The Best Outdoor String Lights to Brighten Up Your Yard

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your yard, outdoor LED string lights are the perfect solution! There are various styles and colors available, so you can find the perfect set to match your d├ęcor. Plus, they’re a great way to add some extra ambiance to your outdoor space. Here are some of the greatest outdoor string lights you can buy right now, as examined in this blog post.

Excellent Outdoor String Lights

You can turn your backyard into a beautiful place with some string lights. They will make it warmer and brighter. String lights are easy to set up, and they are not very expensive. However, you must be cautious while selecting string lights because some of them may not be suitable for use outdoors.

One important factor to think about is the size of your new lights. This will depend on where you want to hang them. There are many different types and sizes of string lights. You need to choose if you want incandescent or LED lights. LED lights use less energy and are brighter. You should also think about extra features like dimmers, weather-resistant materials, colors, smart functions, and the ability to connect with other strands of lights.

Before purchasing a set of string lights, make sure you have access to a power source. A solar-powered outdoor string light set may be a better option if you don’t have access to an outdoor outlet or don’t want to spend the money on an extension cord. Go out and find the best outdoor string lights to make your outside space look gorgeous now that you know what to look for.

Best Overall: Adlon Outdoor String Lights

This outdoor string light set from Adlon is perfect for anyone looking for a versatile, soft-glowing set of lights. The set is 48 feet long and designed for heavy-duty use, making it perfect for use in any weather conditions. The durable insulation material ensures that the lights will stay on no matter what nature throws their way.

Each bulb offers 11 watts of light to illuminate most spaces. You can also dim them to create a perfect ambiance. You’ll never have to worry about these lights going out because they come with two fuses and can connect easily to other strands.

Brightech Ambience Pro LED Outdoor String Lights Are the Best LED

LED lights are better than normal lights because they shine bright and don’t use much energy. They also last a long time. Brightech’s Ambience Pro LED outdoor string lights to come with 15 two-watt bulbs that span 48 feet of string for your backyard.

These lights look great on things like pergolas, canopies, and patios. They will not break and fall down if exposed to water or wind. People love these lights because they are very bright and of good quality.

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar-Powered Outdoor String Lights Are the Best Solar-Powered Outdoor String Lights

These solar-powered LED outdoor string lights offer power for up to six hours. The set comes with 15 replaceable weather-resistant LED light bulbs and one detachable solar panel. The solar panel is easy to use and has a power switch on the back that will last up to 2.5 years. It also comes with a stake and a clip, allowing you to simply and firmly anchor it in the ground.

The string lights come in two lengths: 27 feet and 48 feet. This will provide enough light for small and medium-sized spaces. These solar-powered lights are just what I have been looking for. They had worked well since installation, even during heavy rain, high winds, and when the lawn guy threw stuff around.

Best Fairy: Sanjicha Solar Fairy String Lights

Fairy light enthusiasts will enjoy the mystical twinkle of Sanjicha’s fairy string lights. They are 72 feet long and solar-powered. You get 200 LED bulbs that give off a warm white glow and last 10 to 12 hours when fully charged.

You may choose from eight different illumination modes to find the perfect one for your outdoor environment. You can also program the lights to automatically turn on and off. People who have bought these lights say that they are easy to hang and weather well- even surviving wind storms and rain.

Best Weatherproof: Lemontec Commercial-Grade Outdoor String Lights

Every location has its own kind of weather. You need to have a string of lights that can survive any kind of weather, like this one from Lemont. It is made with waterproof rubber and shatter-resistant glass to withstand wind, rain, and extreme weather.

The lights have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. Many people have written reviews about the lights, and they all say how good they are. They can handle extreme weather conditions and work well in south Florida.

Best Budget: SkrLights Outdoor String Lights

These outdoor string lights from SkrLights are a good value. They are less expensive than other lights, but they are still good quality. The lights feature 25 5-watt incandescent bulbs and are 25 feet long. They can be linked together and provide commercial-grade power. They can survive high wind, rain, and temperature because of the weatherproof shell. They are available in black, brown, and white.

Best Dimmable: Newhouse Lighting LED String Lights

These LED string lights are popular because they are very durable and high quality. Amazon, they have a 4.7-star rating. The remote control operating system and dimmable settings are quite popular. There are four light settings on the 48-foot long connectable lights. They are built to last against extreme weather conditions, and they can be installed easily with cup hooks, guide wires, or zip ties.

XMCosy+ LED Outdoor String Lights Are the Smartest Choice

You can control your outdoor lights with a smart device. These Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-compatible lights are weatherproof, connectable, WiFi-accessible, and compatible. The XMcosy app is used by most individuals to control their outdoor lights. The app has three options for the lights: breathing, flickering and fixed.

These lights are cool because you can turn the brightness and color on your app. One reviewer said they were really impressed with how good they were. You can also adjust the color to your preference.

MPowerd Luci Solar String Lights Are the Best for Camping

The MPowerd Luci Solar String Lights are great for campers looking for a reliable and rechargeable light source. These lights come with up to 14 hours of power, and they’re shatterproof and water-resistant. They’re also dimmable, so you can customize the level of light that’s best for you. Plus, the 18-foot kink- and tear-proof nylon cord makes it easy to store and transport your lights, and the USB port allows you to charge your smartphone while you’re camping.

Best for Big Spaces: Bamford Dimmable LED Outdoor String Lights

Bamford’s dimmable LED string lights are a great way to light up your backyard party or special event. The 102-foot long string has 33 dimmable, energy-saving LED bulbs and can be connected to 12 additional strands. The lights are composed of tough plastic and can resist exposure to direct sunlight. The durability and brilliance of these lights have earned them a 4.8-star rating from Amazon customers.

For more information about outdoor string lights, you can check out this link.

Top 8 Outdoor String Lights

Do you like evenings spent in your backyard and patio? What if we told you that you wouldn’t have to go back inside when it gets too dark or the mosquitoes become too annoying? Some of the best outdoor string lights are now much improved, trendy, and versatile.

It is common to use simple lamps as outdoor lights. However, this is not a good idea because mosquitoes are attracted to these lamps, and they do not last as long as you might expect. It is time for you to find some porch lights that don’t attract bugs.

To maximize your time sitting outside, you’ll want lighting that creates a serene atmosphere. There aren’t many outdoor string lights reviews online, which is why we researched and found the best models for you.

1. Brightown Outdoor String Light 100Feet

This waterproof light-string strand is also energy-efficient and dimmable. With a brightness output of 23 and power consumption of 5 watts per bulb, these lights are ideal for bringing life to any dreary occasion. The string light is equipped with 100 G40 incandescent lights and four spare bulbs in case of a mishap. These romantic string lights illuminate the backyard with a 2,700K warm white tone.

These Brightown Incandescent String Lights are perfect for parties, adding outdoor ambiance or security.


  • Bright, clear lighting
  • Gutter-clip installation
  • Four replacement bulbs


  • Cord tangles easily
  • Cannot connect additional sets

2. Enbrighten 37790, LED Color Changing String Lights

You can use these color-changing string lights to enhance the mood for any season or holiday. There are sixteen different colors to pick from, and they can be combined in up to 120 different ways. They’ll add a pop of color to any outdoor space.

24 Edison-style lights are included in this weatherproof strand. Each impact-resistant acrylic bulb consumes less than one watt of electricity. The supplied remote control allows you to select single solid colors, two-color combinations, and various preset color modes for holidays such as Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.

If you want to set a mood with specific colors, the Enbrighten lights are a good choice.


  • Solid acrylic LED bulbs
  • Impact-resistant
  • Dimmable by remote
  • Heavy-duty cord


  • Hooks required for hanging are not included

3. Twinkle Star 300 LED 99 FT Copper Wire String Lights

Fairy lights can help create a cozy atmosphere in your yard or patio. Twinkle Star’s 99-foot fairy light string is an excellent choice for decorative lighting.

The long strand of LED lights has 300 tiny bulbs on a copper wire. You can wrap the copper wiring around trees, bushes, and columns or string it along walls and ceilings. We found that concentrating them in a small space produces the best effect.

These LED bulbs are tiny and are woven along a wire that has been coated with copper. We tested some other light sets that were bright enough to allow reading after dark; this set is not. However, its most prominent characteristic is creating a magical effect when the copper thread is compacted. We produced a nocturnal centerpiece by winding the copper wire within a glass vase. The result was magnificent-a beautiful centerpiece ideal for a romantic outdoor dinner for two.

Water-resistant is touted as a feature of the Twinkle Star fairy lights. We doused them with water and allowed them to dry. Then we turned them on again, and they worked fine. While the remote features eight different lighting modes, a couple of the flashing modes are pretty unpleasant and distracting. With their gradual on/off fading effects and solid illumination, the others enhanced the Twinkle Starlights’ appearance on our table at night.


  • Control by remote
  • Battery operated (use anywhere)
  • Creates a stunning effect


  • Copper wire tangles easily
  • Requires six AA batteries

4. Brightown LED G40 Outdoor String Lights 50FT

Consider using globe string lights if you’re looking for a stylish and classic look for your cafe or restaurant. Brightown’s outdoor string lights are a durable and energy-saving option that will help you achieve the look you’re going for.

This 50-foot strand has 50 LED bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy than regular light bulbs. This is a great option for outdoor lighting that is shatterproof and affordable.

Each G40 bulb emits 40 lumens. It has a color temperature of 2,200K, which gives a warm wash of light. To create different outdoor lighting layouts, you can connect up to seven strands of these waterproof bulbs. This is ideal for outdoor events or entertaining at home.

This is one of the Brightown lights that we picked. The difference between this one and the best one is that this one has LED shatterproof bulbs. That means they are good for use outside, even in harsh winds and weather. We dropped them on concrete from head height, and they didn’t break. There was just one tiny scuff that might have been there before.

The acrylic globes are as transparent as glass, while the LED filaments give a warm, goldish-yellow glow. As is the case with the other Brightown set, these string lights are dimmable-we connected them to a dimmer cord and dimmed them to a barely visible glow. Additionally, they include gutter clips for simple installation on the edge of a rain gutter.


  • Clear, shatterproof acrylic globes
  • Warm golden light
  • Dimmable
  • Two extra bulbs included


  • Cord tangles easily

5. LampLust Mini Lantern String Lights

Lantern string lights are an excellent method to enhance the appearance of your outdoor environment. They have ten bulbs that give off a warm, yellow light. Each bulb is surrounded by a white paper lantern, making them look nice. This compact (10.5-foot) string of lights is ideal for lighting up tiny spaces or paths.

These string lights are beautiful. They have delicate white nylon spheres that make them look formal. Because the umbrella shielded the lanterns from the rain. We lightly misted them with water from a spray bottle and retested them once they dried-no duds; all the lights returned to normal.


  • Delicate, paper-lantern look
  • Lightweight
  • Soft, cool, light


  • Short string offers limited design options
  • No clips-must be taped or tied up

6. OxyLED 2 Pack Battery Operated LED String Lights

Outdoor string lights powered by batteries are simple to install and operate. OxyLED’s two-pack of battery-operated string lights is ideal for modest apartment balconies and large backyards. They use only six AA batteries (three per strand-not included) to provide a gentle glow for any outdoor space.

These string lights are perfect for the outdoors. They are made to be waterproof, and each strand is 49 feet long. There are 100 LED mini lights on each strand, and they give off a warm white glow. You can choose between eight different lighting modes to create the perfect ambiance for your event or gathering.

These LED lights are incredibly compact, about a half-inch-wide globe. Resemble frozen plastic globes. The other settings are also gentle and peaceful. These lights are not very bright, so don’t expect to use them to read at night. They work better when they are grouped together to create a pleasing effect.


  • The gentle white light
  • Remote control, in addition to a timer
  • No outlet is required (battery operated)
  • Numerous lighting designs to select from


  • No clips for hanging
  • Not bright enough to illuminate a large area

7. Banord 102FT Dimmable LED Outdoor String Lights

These string lights from Banord measure 102 feet long and are perfect for large backyards or events like a wedding or a big barbecue. The sturdy stand is equipped with 34 S14 Edison-style bulbs that emit an ambient 2,700K warm white light.

The shatterproof and energy-efficient LED plastic lights. Additionally, they are dimmable, allowing users to alter the brightness level to suit the occasion. If more length is required to create a customized lighting pattern, users can join up to 12 strands.

The Band lights, like other Edison-style bulbs we reviewed, don’t come with clips. But they do have a hole above each socket where users can attach a wire. The Band lights were left outdoors for a few nights and were not affected by a rainstorm.


  • Warm, golden light
  • Dimmable bulbs
  • Shatterproof and waterproof
  • Cord comes with a replaceable fuse


  • No clips for attaching

8. Feit Electric 710090 48ft LED String Light

The heavy-duty cord on this string trimmer is made from thick rubber. It’s flexible and can handle a lot of weight. This string trimmer weighs just under 9 pounds, making it easy to move around.

The bulb sockets are 24 inches apart. This is suitable for putting in many rows overhead, but the spacing is insufficient for most accent lighting. The light strand consumes 24 watts of energy and can be supplemented with additional sets if additional lighting is necessary.


  • Heavy, durable cord
  • Edison-style bulbs
  • Two extra bulbs
  • Bright gold color


  • Wide space (24 inches) between sockets
  • No clips for hanging

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor String Lights

String lights can be a great way to make your backyard more inviting. Compared to other outdoor lights, they are affordable and easy to install. When choosing string lights for your backyard, you should consider the light type, size, shape, brightness, and color. Weather-resistant design, a lengthy cord, and remote or app control features can make using string lights outdoors easier and safer.


Outside string lights come in a variety of styles. LED, incandescent, solar, and battery-powered lights are just some of the options. As you can see, there are good and bad things about each type. When shopping for outdoor string lights, think about which kind of light is best for the space you’re lighting.

  • LED light bulbs use much less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. They don’t become as hot when they are turned on. Because they are cooler to the touch, LED patio lights are made with plastic bubs, meaning they won’t easily shatter if dropped. Many LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, which equals up to 10 years of daily use.
  • Incandescent light bulbs are cheap and easy to find. They don’t last as long as LED light bulbs, but they are still a popular choice because they are affordable and warm.
  • Solar-powered lights do not need to be plugged in, and they do not add to your energy bill. This makes them useful for patios or houses that do not have ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. All you need to do is place the included solar panel in a spot that sees a lot of sunlight during the day, and the bulbs will light up at night. Most solar-powered string lights have a 6 to 8 hours runtime, usually long enough to host a backyard barbecue or a dinner party.
  • Battery-operated lights are another option for outdoor lighting that doesn’t need an outdoor outlet. These light strands usually run on two to six batteries. They are a versatile choice because they don’t require an outlet, so you can be creative with using them.

Weather Resistance

Since outdoor string lights are exposed to the elements, selecting a set that stands up to rainy conditions and heavy wind gusts. It would be inconvenient to take the string lights down every time there’s inclement weather in the forecast.

There are a few things you need to check before using outdoor lights. First, make sure that the lights are meant for outdoor use. Using indoor lights outside can be dangerous because they can start a fire. Second, make sure that the product is water-resistant or waterproof. Weather-resistant lights can handle being directly exposed to water. They have seals that protect their interior parts from accumulating moisture.

Style and Bulb Shape

There are many types of string light bulbs. They come in all different shapes and sizes. This can make your lights look different. If, for example, you put tiny circle fairy lights outside, it makes the area look fun. Edison bulbs that are bigger ovals give the room a vintage look at the same time. There are globe bulbs, Edison bulbs, lantern bulbs, fairy lights, and rope lights that people like.

  • Globe bulbs are usually used for decoration. They come in various diameters and are typically used to create pendant lights, modern chandeliers, and outdoor string lights. Their classic style is timeless and looks good in a range of outdoor settings, from current seating areas to cozy patios with bohemian decor. Globe bulbs can add a touch of glamour and charm to an outdoor space.
  • Edison-style light bulbs are designed the same manner as Thomas Edison’s original design. The visible internal filaments of these vintage incandescent bulbs give them a warm, glowing appearance due to the presence of visible inner filaments. The oval-like shape and ambient glow might give the impression that you are outside in the fresh air. LED Edison-style bulbs to have this classic light bulb look but with an energy-saving LED design.
  • Lantern bulbs are often used in outdoor string lights. A lamp is on their cover. Lanterns come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can use them to create a joyful and festive atmosphere on your patio.
  • Fairy lights can make a backyard look like a magical place. The tiny bulbs, which are usually about the size of a grain of rice, look like fireflies and shimmer on a wire. They are ideal for adding background lighting and can create a stunning effect by draping strands of fairy lights over tree branches, in bushes, or along a fence.
  • Rope lights are small bulbs put in a transparent cover to protect them from the weather. They are often made with LED bulbs. Rope lights are suitable for going around deck posts, hanging from fences, or lighting up gardens.

Bulb Size

When choosing a bulb size, think about how much outdoor space you have, how easy it will be to install the bulb, and what kind of look you want.

Tiny bulbs are a good choice for small outdoor spaces. They will not make the area seem too small and will not overpower other decorations. These bulbs give off a gentle light that is perfect for providing background lighting. They usually do not give off as much light as other bulbs, and they are often chosen for their decorative effects.

Large bulbs are more striking and offer a bolder look. Their larger size can provide more direct illumination in a space. They are generally brighter and well-suited for larger spaces that need more lighting. Large decorative bulbs, like globe bulbs and Edison bulbs, can make a style statement in your home.

Remember that the size of the bulbs can affect how easy it is to install the string lights. Smaller bulbs are usually lightweight and easier to move around, making them more straightforward to install than string lights with larger, heavier bulbs.

The size of the globe outdoor string light bulbs you use is determined by the diameter of the wire. The three bulb sizes are:

  • G30: The smallest size at 30 millimeters (close to 1.25 inches) in diameter.
  • G40: A medium-sized 40 millimeters (just over 1.5 inches) in diameter.
  • G50: The largest size is 50 millimeters (just under 2 inches) in diameter.

The most common Edison-style string light bulb is the S14 bulb. It is a medium-sized, oval-shaped bulb that is 32 millimeters in diameter.

Brightness and Color Temperature

When picking out outdoor string lights, there are two essential things to think about: brightness and color temperature.

Lumens measure how much light a bulb puts out. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb is. When choosing a bulb, think about what effect you want. Bulbs used for string lights range from 5 to more than 100 lumens. People often choose these bulbs because of their appearance, not because they are very bright. However, keep in mind that lumens and wattage are different things – wattage measures how much power a bulb consumes, not how bright it appears.

The Kelvin scale is used to measure the color temperature of light. The lower numbers on the Kelvin scale make the light look warmer, and the higher numbers make it look cooler.

The color of light from a bulb usually falls between 2,000K and 6,000K. Bulbs around 2,700K have a cozy, warm white color with a yellow hue. Bulbs over 5,000 offer stark, crisp lighting with a blue hue. Warm lighting makes a space look more relaxing and inviting, while excellent lighting often appears harsh, especially at night. For this reason, warmer bulbs are generally preferred for ambient outdoor lighting.

Wire Length

There are different sizes of outdoor string lights. The size you need depends on the size of the space and how you want to light it up. The longest ones are 10, 25, 35, 50, and 100 feet long.

Patio string lights can outline garden borders, wrap around fences and trees, or suspend over seating spaces. The best way to determine the necessary wire length is to use a piece of twine to measure where the lights will go. Ensure enough distance to reach the outlet if it requires corded power.

You will need about 10 feet of string lights for each side of a typical balcony or small porch. For a 6-by-8-foot patio, you will need 25 to 50 feet of string lights. For a medium 12-by-12-foot outdoor space, you may need 50 to 100 feet of string lighting. More than 100 feet of string lighting may be necessary if you want to light up a large area.

Additional Features

If you want to upgrade from essential string lights, consider more features. For example, color-changing bulbs, dimming options, and remote control or app operation. Our tests showed that we could create different moods by selecting different bulb colors.

  • Color-changing bulbs: If you want some colorful lights for your patio, look for string lights that have color-changing bulbs. These will make your patio feel festive for different events, seasons, and holidays.
  • Dimming options: String lights are a great way to add ambiance to your outdoor space. There are various string lights, some with built-in dimmers and others dimmed with an external device.
  • Remote/app controls: Remote controls allow you to operate lights in different areas. App controls make it even easier-you don’t have to find or store remote control. WiFi-enabled options let you turn on and off your lights, even when you’re away from home. Some lights can also work with smart-home devices, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Outdoor String Lights

Do Outdoor String Lights Get Hot?

Incandescent light bulbs are cheaper and easier to find than LED light bulbs. However, they are not as energy-efficient and have a shorter lifespan. They usually last around 1,000 hours or up to a year of regular use. They also become hot with use, so glass bulbs are the norm for this type.

What Is the Strongest Outdoor Light?

Outdoor lighting is one of the best things to have. You can use many types of lights, but the Sylvania Night Chaser LED light is really good. It produces 650 lumens of light. They last for over 20 years and use 90% less energy than other types of bulbs.

Are Our LED Outdoor Lights Good?

LEDs work well outside because they give off brighter light than traditional street lamps. LEDs also last much longer than traditional street lamps, sometimes up to 50,000 hours.

Are Our Outdoor Lights Safe in the Rain?

It is safe to leave most outdoor lights outside in the rain. They are built to withstand different weather conditions. But sometimes, if it rains a lot, one of the lights on a string might blow. This can happen if water gets into the plug where the light plugs in.

Are Patio Lights Tacky?

When it comes to decorating your home, however, exercise caution. You don’t want it to look too tacky. If you carefully decorate your house and garden, it will look nicer, and people will be more impressed. For example, you can string lights in the trees to make them look magical.

Can String Lights Be Left in the Rain?

If you are using outdoor lights, leaving them in the rain is safe. They are built to withstand the weather. However, if you use string lights, be careful when it rains. The individual fuses in each string light can blow up if wet. This usually happens when water bridges the prongs on the plug.

Are Our Solar String Lights Any Good?

Many high-quality solar string lights use LED bulbs. LED bulbs last a long time and give off a lot of light without getting too hot. This makes them a safe choice for many settings. These LED Edison-style bulbs have a vintage look and last 5 to 6 hours on a full charge.

How Long Do Outdoor String Lights Last?

LED strings will last for 35,000 to 50,000 hours or six years of continuous use. You can use them all night long without worrying about them.

Are Our String Lights Tacky?

Fairy lights are the most important part of Christmas decorating. They can make your house magical and sophisticated, but they can also be tacky depending on how you do them.

Do LEDs Attract Bugs?

LED lights do not produce much ultraviolet light or heat, which means bugs are less likely to attract them. This is true as long as the LED lights emit longer wavelengths of light.

How Bright Are Outdoor String Lights?

The brightness of a light bulb is measured in lumens. The more lumens, the brighter the bulb. When deciding on the brightness of a light bulb, consider what effect you want to create. String light bulbs can range from 5 to more than 100 lumens per bulb.

Are Fairy Lights Good for Outdoors?

Fairy lights are safe to use outside if they have an IP65 rating. This means that they can hang on buildings and trees in the yard. If the fairy lights are continually submerged in water, they need an IPX-8 rating.

Are our LED Outdoor Lights Good?

LEDs are the best choice for outdoor lighting because they have many benefits. These benefits include brighter light, longer life, and a better look.

Are LED String Lights Better?

LED lights are often used in standard light fixtures, such as lamps, ceiling lights, and track lighting. LED Christmas lights are more efficient, durable, and longer-lasting than fluorescent incandescent lights.

Are LED String Lights Brighter Than Incandescent?

LED bulbs use less energy and remain cool to the touch because they disperse most of their power as light. Incandescent bulbs give off energy as heat, making them hotter to the touch.

What Are Outdoor String Lights Called?

Suppose you’re considering adding some lights to your backyard patio. In that case, you may have seen this type of lighting called many things, such as fiesta lights, party lights, string lights, and even festoon lights.

Should Outdoor Lights Be Taken Down in Winter?

Suppose you have a less expensive outdoor lighting product of thin aluminum or lower-quality plastic. In that case, you might want to put it away for winter. Our LED bulbs will produce enough heat to melt some snow from your fixtures and will light your way home all winter long.

Are Outdoor Lights Safe in Snow?

You can use decorative lights outdoors as long as they are waterproof. That means they can be in the rain and snow and not get wet. You should also ensure that your decorative lights are rated for damp weather. That means they will work in the rain and snow without any problems.